Angie Houtz
Memorial Scholarship Fund

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The Angie M. Houtz Memorial Scholarship Fund rewards students attending a Maryland public University or College.  The Scholarship Fund honors Angie Houtz, a victim of the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon.

Angie served the United States Navy as a civilian intelligence analyst and was a victim at the Pentagon that tragic Tuesday morning.  An exceptional individual and a great contributor to the community her absence is felt by many.

Angie's sisters and her best friends created this scholarship as a tribute to her devotion to and enthusiasm for education and community service.

During her University years Angie spent many hours tutoring elementary school children and fellow college students.  A recipeint of scholarships herself, Angie earned a B.A. in english with minors in sociology and writing from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 1996.  After graduation, she began her career working for the Navy.  Angie continued her generrous community service beyond her college years and she generously delivered food and clothing to the homeless population in DC.  Were Angie still with us today, she would still be helping other.  Her kind and gentle spirit touced everyone who met her.

Each year the fund awards at least one $3000 scholarship to a well-deserving student who exhibits dedication to both community service and academic achievement.  

The renewal application for 501(C)3 status with the IRS is pending.

Creative publications of students who participated in the scolarship

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Forget about the old style stroller next time you want to take your youngsters a trip around the park. The Take 2 bicycle trailer has a capacity of 100 pounds and two kids. It is made from all high-quality materials, including all steel frame and molded 16” wheels. To keep your little passengers safe and dry, it has a combination canopy, which includes a bug screen and full weather shield.

If you are a family with young kids and are very active, then you need to have one of these instep bike  trailers. It is designed to handle two kids in any weight combination up to 100 pounds. The large 16-inch wheels and all steel construction help to deliver a very smooth ride over a wide range of road conditions.

The 2-in-1 canopy will keep your kids protected from the elements, and the bug screen keeps out all of the nasty bugs from spoiling the ride. It also features individual harnesses to ensure each passenger is held securely in the seat at all times.

To ensure that Take 2 trailer fits on a wide enough range of bicycles InStep made sure to include a very versatile coupling. The whole trailer folds down, and the two wheels quickly come off using quick disconnects to make it convenient to store if you want to take it with you on a trip with you.

An optional feature that will convert the Take 2 bicycle trailer into a push stroller is available. This would be good for those people that do not have ready access to areas where they can safely ride their bike while pulling their kids. Key Features:

Sturdy all steel frame and powder coated for extra durability
2-in-1 canopy with bug screen and weather shield
Two oversized 16-inch wheels with quick & fast release design
Folds down for easy storage

What are people saying about it?

We have discovered several consumer reviews posted online for the InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer. The consumers that left the reviews were most impressed with this product and gave it a majority of four or five stars out of a possible five stars. The comments that were left on these reviews also seemed to reflect the very high ratings.

It was straightforward to set up right out of the box and required a little bit of assembly including airing up the tires. We did not find any of the reviewers complain that it was difficult to assemble.

It also seemed to be very comfortable for everyone’s kids to sit in, except for a few people mentioned that they did not like the fact that there was not much between their child sitting in the seat the ground outside the trailer.

Stowage was another feature of this product that was mentioned frequently. The fact that it folds down very quickly means that it can be carried in your vehicle along with your bicycles.

A couple of negative points that were brought out by more than a couple reviewers was that they thought the quality of the straps of the harness was inferior. The other negative was that the fabric that the cover is made from shredded very easily.

In the end, the InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer received mostly very high marks, but it did earn several lover ratings. We would still recommend it to everyone.