Angie Houtz
Memorial Scholarship Fund

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The Angie M. Houtz Memorial Scholarship Fund rewards students attending a Maryland public University or College.  The Scholarship Fund honors Angie Houtz, a victim of the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon.

Angie served the United States Navy as a civilian intelligence analyst and was a victim at the Pentagon that tragic Tuesday morning.  An exceptional individual and a great contributor to the community her absence is felt by many.

Angie's sisters and her best friends created this scholarship as a tribute to her devotion to and enthusiasm for education and community service.

During her University years Angie spent many hours tutoring elementary school children and fellow college students.  A recipeint of scholarships herself, Angie earned a B.A. in english with minors in sociology and writing from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 1996.  After graduation, she began her career working for the Navy.  Angie continued her generrous community service beyond her college years and she generously delivered food and clothing to the homeless population in DC.  Were Angie still with us today, she would still be helping other.  Her kind and gentle spirit touced everyone who met her.

Each year the fund awards at least one $3000 scholarship to a well-deserving student who exhibits dedication to both community service and academic achievement.  

The renewal application for 501(C)3 status with the IRS is pending.

5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Getting Acne Laser Surgery

In recent years, laser surgery to treat acne has become very popular in the United States. Acne is the result of clogged pores in the skin. Healthy pores excrete oil and dead skin cells. When the pores become unable to do so, the oil and skin cells accumulate, causing inflammation of the skin, better known as acne. Laser surgery has been used to complement other treatments and reduce scarring with scar massage that realy help. Although most experts agree that it is safe, it is still surgery and therefore carries risks. It should only be used in the most severe cases, and only after nothing else has worked.

If you are considering laser surgery for your acne, here are some questions to ponder before deciding to go under the beam.

· Have you treated the cause of your acne? Acne can be caused by improper diet, stress and hormone imbalances. While surgery can reduce the pimples and scars, it cannot cure the underlying problem. You may need to change your diet, reduce stress, or get hormone therapy instead of, or in addition to, the surgery.

· Will you get your laser treatment from a qualified dermatologist? Some cosmetologists give acne treatments. Although they may charge less than a physician, the risk is not worth the savings. Cosmetologists may not have the proper training.

· Will your health insurance cover the cost? Depending on the severity of your condition and the policy of your health care provider, your surgery might be considered cosmetic, as opposed to necessary. Chances are your insurance provider does not cover cosmetic surgery. You need to check.

· Are you prepared? When undergoing any kind of surgery it's important to be healthy so your body can heal properly and quickly. Leading up to the big day, eat a balanced diet and make sure to exercise so your immune system is in top shape. Stop smoking. Smoking diminishes blood circulation in the skin, which could delay the healing process. Ask your doctor how many treatments you will need and how long it will take to recuperate. Make sure you can get the time off from work, get a sitter for the kids and make any other necessary arrangements.

· Are you eligible for this type of treatment? Dark-skinned people and people with deep tans cannot get laser surgery for acne. People who have been taking Accutane or any other medication containing isotretinoin will have to wait six months. In addition, about 10 percent of acne sufferers have a condition that is so severe that even laser surgery will not work.

In conclusion, when considering acne laser surgery, exhaust all other options, do your research and be prepared.