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10 Famous Footballers Who Are Engaged in Charity

Many footballers not only shine in the field but some also in society. Several players of the first level have a unique solidarity facet. Some join charitable causes, others create their foundation, and others help whenever they can to the most disadvantaged.

1. Mario Balotelli

Balotelli is one of the players who does not have his foundation, but he does not stop helping the needy whenever he can. The gambler has even given up to 1,000 pounds to several street beggars or paid rooms for homeless people at the Hilton Hotel during Christmas. But not everything is to give money for Mario since another of the most notorious cases was when he got to go to the school of a child who suffered bullying and accompany him along with his mother to talk to the director and the other children to leave him to bother.

2. Drogba

Didier Drogba created his foundation in 2007 with the name of The Didier Drogba Foundation, and his help is not only economic since he also donates health and educational material to the African community. Especially to children. That’s why this foundation was created whose mission is to build more infrastructure in conditions in which doctors can work properly, and children can receive a good education, something that should be a priority so they can have a future on the day of mourning.

Other cases in which Drogba has been involved is in providing help for the construction of orphanages, building a hospital in Abidjan or paying for the treatment of Yao, a child with leukemia who had to be transferred to Geneva to be cared for. Among its future missions is the construction of schools in the Ivory Coast. The last campaign of this player is to fight against malaria at the hands of other celebrities.

3. David Beckham

Not only is he an international ambassador for UNICEF, but he has participated in different campaigns against child exploitation, AIDS in children or helping people who were left without anything because of a natural disaster.

The English footballer is one of the principal founders of the campaign “Malaria no more” (no more malaria), a disease that is the leading cause of death in children under five in Africa. One of the last significant donations made by the former Real Madrid player was to donate more than 500,000 euros to the Necker hospital in Paris.

4. Dirk Kuyt

Dirk has a foundation which is dedicated to children with disabilities who are passionate about sports, so they can also enjoy doing it. Its motto is “Fun for everyone.” The foundation usually organizes events in the hands of federations and different clubs to promote sports in these individual children because it is essential for their social life.

5. Leo Messi

Messi is an excellent player on the courts, but he shows that he is also a unique person. The foundation of Leo Messi was born in 2007 and helps children to have the chance to fulfill their dreams. He has also supported different projects such as: The Refurbishment of the Deliot Sports Center in Rosario.

So that this community could enjoy and enjoy it, created the Xics Añatuya Center for those children and adolescents who suffer social and economic vulnerability, with educational, cultural facilities, social, health, and sports, or the fight against the Chagas disease, a disease very present in Argentina among many other projects. This shows that this player is not only great in football.

6. Kanoute

Kanoute had a very noble and excellent idea, to create a city for orphaned children in Mali, this is called “Sakina.” It has the services and facilities of a conventional school, as well as a health center so that these children can enjoy them, have time to practice sports and live in homes with foster mothers to feel as if they were in a family.

7. Rafa Márquez

This Mexican decided to create a foundation in 2005 with the name of “Rafa Márquez Soccer Clinics”. Whose mission was to help children and young people in marginalized communities that were involved in problems of delinquency, alcoholism, drug addiction, child prostitution and away of those vices to offer them a better quality of life and the possibility of being positive leaders in society.

He also created the comprehensive NED program in which year after year: Nutrition: It is possible to serve more than 119,441 nutritious dishes to more than 700 children to improve their performance in school.

Education: More than 23,206 class hours were taught, and the Karen Machover psychometric test was applied to detect problems.

Sport: More than 200 children started practicing games, and in this way, they improved their health and their quality of life. Health: More than 1,000 consultations were given in the “Healthy Smiles” program.

8. Etoo

For Samuel Etoo both Cameroon and Africa are very special for him, and although they have very nice places, there is also a lot of poverty and many problems. That is why the player did not want to leave behind the opportunity to help his roots.

Among its main projects are: The Afraid Orphanage where they gave the children clothes, didactic means, schooling, toys. The Foundation’s children are guaranteed primary education and the best students are provided with advanced training, the construction of a free football center, with a shelter and a school to train children who are experiencing difficulties, be they family, economic or social. I also built Mawel Road, so that this population can continue to develop.

These are just some of the projects that the Samuel Etoo Foundation since it is a player who in the solidarity plane is continuously putting challenges to help society.

9. Jack Wilshere

This Arsenal player, only 22 years old, is one of those young people who not only donate money to foundations and good causes since his most solidary act was the time he spent with Jack Marshall, a boy of only four years who I was suffering from a brain tumor. Wilshere made friends with the family and never left them alone and showed them their support and dedication even knowing that the child’s family did not lack anything.

The boy died two years later, but he did not stop helping the family because when he learned that the elder brother of the sick boy was suffering from bullying, he went to a park with him and started to touch a ball while his stalkers looked in amazement.

10. Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas is one of those players that what is useful in the field, has it out and is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world and we can imagine how noble this boy can get to do. Iker is an ambassador of the NGO Plan, in which he helps to guarantee the rights of children, we have seen him earlier in Sierra Leone in which the footballer merengue with the help of NGOs, founded a primary school and another football. He is also a champion of the campaign “Stop child poverty.”

He donated the 25,000 euros that he won when he received the Prince of Asturias Award to Spanish families who were living through a bad time due to the crisis and the last noble cause of Iker Casillas was just a few days ago in which, through his foundation, he donated 9,000 euros (in the program Entre Todos) for an ability to buy an adapted car that needed a boy from Corral de Almaguer, since due to meningitis they had to amputate his extremities. Proving that their human values are the greatest.