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10 Tips to Maintain Family Health

Family health is the most important thing. In fact, if we had an Aladdin lamp, surely that would be the first thing we would ask for.

But this is not a matter of magic, but of construction and daily work, let’s make equipment. The lifestyle has to be seen as something together in which we all have to work.

So here we give you ten health tips to maintain family health.

  1. Establish meal schedules: To maintain balanced weight it is essential to eat at specific times and not until we feel hungry. The hormone that regulates this sensation takes between 30 and 40 minutes to return to normal after we eat, so there is a risk of taking more than we need.
  2. Be creative, but do not overdo it: It’s good that the internet is full of recipes, but you do not want to eat something different every day since that can take you too much time and you will end up consuming anything or in the worst case, nothing. For breakfast, it is enough to eat oatmeal, flaxseed, fruit, and seeds in the combination that best suits you.
  3. Exercise at home: Time is always a pretext for not activating physically, but we do not need hours for it, with 20 minutes of stretching and strength exercises is enough to keep us in good shape. Also, it is not that we say that you only do 20 minutes, if you want to go further, you can continue with other routines.
  4. Buy good food: It is not that children should forget about sweets and cookies forever, but if at home they find healthier options, they will inevitably consume them when they are hungry. When you’re in the supermarket, restrict the items you do not need to the maximum and substitute natural things.
  5. Make family dinners: We know the importance of a balanced diet, but also strengthen the family bond through food. Studies have proven that emotional harmony while eating helps to improve digestion and drives away diseases.
  6. Play: It is the same as exercise, you have to learn to play every day. It does not have to be a very effortful activity, but coordination is practiced, and group unity is encouraged.
  7. Have health insurance: Hire a family medical insurance plan, which will be essential to resolve any issue of the health of the members.
  8. Never forget your story: At bedtime children need a time of peace to sleep peacefully. You can use that moment to tell them a story or something beautiful that happened to you during the day.
  9. Create sleep routines: Most people have lost the ability to sleep whenever they want. Generates appropriate atmospheres to stimulate calm and quickly reconcile sleep.
  10. Be intimate with your partner: It is not a matter of frequency or quantity, but it is scientifically proven that close relationships increase life expectancy and is crucial to strengthen relationships and health.