Angie Houtz
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Anxiety destroys your life.

Anxiety Disorder. Friends can be defined as “physical and psychological discomfort”; is characterized mainly by a diffuse fear, a feeling of insecurity, of misfortune imminent without apparent cause at the time. We have a kind of “ALARM SYSTEM,” which prevents us from danger when certain ideas (the death of a loved one, a lack of love, economic problems) are about to reach conscious expression unmanageable for us, that is, we realize the danger in all its magnitude.

We call this anxiety. This anxiety surrounds us in a tension that leads us to physiological disturbances (an increase of the heart beats, acceleration of the respiratory system, digestive, etc.) The feelings of a fear and discomfort that my “friends” refer to as shortness of breath, stomach pain, nausea, asthma attacks, itching, etc.

In addition to physiological tension, anxiety also involves changes in thoughts that trigger internal conflicts with oneself and, in many cases, isolation from the people around them. If we do not use our part

“Rational anxiety.”

To fight our fears. Fears can destroy our lives. That’s why we always talk to our friends about the importance of having an excellent self-esteem to face life. The solution is never to have “anguish” in life. The answer is to be prepared in life to solve appropriately our anxieties (anxiety disorder) that will always present themselves in the course of our existence.

So it is not a question of evading them, of not having them, it is a matter of facing them, of knowing how to control them with the help of all our loved ones that surround us. It is worth clarifying here that there is not only one type of anxiety, there are several, but this article is not a scientific report, but a simple way to explain what you are going through at this time. Calm down and do not be afraid, do not despair; rationalize, that is, act intelligently; think and then move.