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Five Ways to Cure Sinus Infection

Are you affected by common cold? Is the daunting infection ruining your day? Or, is the viral infection alarming something more significant and fatal? With all these questions in mind, do you want effective yet immediate relief from the nasal inflammation? Most people tend to recuperate from sinus infections in two or three weeks. However, some remedies will improve your health condition and speed up recovery in 24 short hours.

Cure #1 – Stay in a Clean and Composed Ambience

First of all, you should dwell in a clean and composed ambiance. Don’t let dust and dirt come near you when you are affected by a sinus infection. One of the most important things you could do to avoid severe sinus would be personal hygiene. As you sense strong signs of a sinus infection, you should fight it in a clean environment. Use nasal irrigation to rinse your sinuses from possible allergens. One of the best ways to do this is to use Navage Nasal Irrigation. This device allows you to quickly and painlessly flush out your sinuses with a special saline solution.

nasal irrigation

Cure #2 – Plenty of Rest

Secondly, let your body rest. The body requires a predestined amount of rest to soothe itself from various viral attacks. When you take complete rest, your immune system will become stronger and better. As a result, you will have the wit to fight against the infection at a faster pace. Rest will tap your white blood cells and increase the chances of a quicker relief.

Cure #3 – Consuming Vitamin C

According to the mayo clinic, you should consume food items with lots of vitamin C when you have a sinus infection. Vitamin C is a powerful supplement that can boost your overall vigor and immune system. A recent study declared that vitamin C would reduce the time required to recover from many viral infections. Just 6g of vitamin C every day will give you a miraculous relief from the health condition. Conversely, herbal supplements like Echinacea are filled with vitamins and minerals that would improve your body’s health and speed up recovery.
Once your body’s immune system becomes stronger, disease-causing microorganisms will leave your body gradually.

Cure #4 – Consuming Warm Fluids

Moving on, do you know those warm fluids will make you better during a sinus infection? Fluids will have a long-lasting effect on your body. Take a glass of warm water, add a teaspoon of honey and consume it warm! The warm fluid will loosen mucus and prevent the production of thick discharges. Likewise, you should drink warm chicken soup when you have a common cold. These are simple ways of keeping your body hydrated. Moreover, warm fluids will relieve congestion and reduce the chances of further inflammation by removing the virus from your nasal track.

Cure #5 – Live in a Humid Place

Finally, you should increase the humidity of your ambiance. Devices like thermostats and mist humidifiers will help you increase few degrees in your room. As the environment becomes warm, your nasal passage will become free and open! Consequently, the process of getting the virus out of your body will become easy. In fact, this is when you should get hold of a neti pot and clean your nasal passage carefully!