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Elephant Bike

Elephant Bike brings to life old bicycles from the British postal service for charity and helps to move people in Africa.

A unique bicycle company (which also serves as a charity) that is responsible for restoring old Royal Mail bicycles to offer to buyers in the UK and making donations to people in Malawi is Elephant Bike.

Bicycles available to the general public (in the United Kingdom) is a way to access part of the history of cycling so that it is still a bicycle for daily use that I could add a significant charging system (without being a bicycle specific charge). While the prices can start from 250 pounds (about 338 euros) and up to 280 pounds (approximately 378 euros) where if you prefer you can add grids and a basket (in a series of accessories that have been designed to last for years).

Objectives of Elephant BIke

Now, the history of the Elephant Bike brand began when it was decided to sell restored machines to former postal service employees in the Midlands prison; discovering later that the Royal Mail bicycles with their red scheme were supplied to the park guards in the African country (helping to be distinguished by the elephants).

In the end, the machines were repainted green to adapt to the local landscape. Thus, the charity Krizevac (who are behind all this initiative) took the opportunity to approach Royal Mail to see if they could sell some of the restored bicycles in the United Kingdom to finance their charitable projects in Africa.

What else is behind Elephant Bike

Finally, when speaking with the director of the charity, Vince Owen, we can learn that this project goes far beyond charity since the donation of bicycles for Africa represents a way to access a transportation system that increasingly goes taking more relevance to moving every day.

Finally, this project also takes a business system that collects sewing machines that are no longer used in the United Kingdom to be shipped to Malawi and help set up their businesses, reinvesting income into initiatives like their own children’s center. In short, an exciting project that not only shows us an example of how to revive our old bicycles and turn them into something more important than a simple transportation system or a sophisticated fashion element.