Angie Houtz
Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Healthcare in the middle of your life

We do not have time; we run from here to there, between work, the kids, the parents, the couple and so on. It is essential to give us time to take care of our body. What controls should not be postponed?

Transiting half of life, that flourishing stage that is grouped today between 35 and 55 years, has a lot of benefits and, at the same time, a large number of demands.

In this stage, women are the most overburdened they usually feel because, in most cases, their massive entry into the world of work has not translated into a redistribution of household chores and household chores, as well as planning Family routines and parenting continue to fall mostly on them. It is essential to reflect on these issues as a family and rethink the roles and responsibilities in function of an organization that better harmonizes the interests and needs of all.

For those who have children, reconciling work, motherhood, and family is usually the great challenge at this stage. Achieving a satisfactory balance between the multiple and different roles that women assume today is not simple, but neither is it impossible. In general, it is a stage of “young children” and a lot of demand, but a good organization can turn it into a very enriching stage.

To the labor demands, the pressure is added maintaining a body in tune with a culture that overestimates youth and thinness. Try to reflect on it and look for ways to feel comfortable in the body that lives, prioritizing health over aesthetics. Make room on the agenda for some primary care.

The annual visit to the gynecologist and the clinical check should not be ignored. Starting at age 30, an annual pap smear should be done to prevent cervical cancer and its precursor lesions. It is also essential to control the contraceptive method and perform each Year a breast exam. If necessary, the doctor will request an ultrasound. To prevent breast cancer is required to maintain a healthy weight.

It is crucial to strengthen the bones because after the menopause the bony system will be affected. Do physical activity, consume calcium and vitamin D (just walk under the sun with your face and hands uncovered a few minutes a day). Do not smoke nor abuse of alcohol or other substances and manage stress through physical activities, sports, play, therapy, etc. helps to take care of health at this stage and prevent future problems.

Starting at age 40, it is likely that contraceptive care needs to be adjusted due to menstrual irregularities typical of peri-menopause. Menopause usually occurs between 40 and 55 years. Contraceptive care should be extended for two years if the last menstruation happens before age 50, and only one year if the period is removed after that age.

Two years after the last menstruation, it is advisable to perform a bone densitometry to ensure if there is a risk of osteoporosis, and an annual mammography examination must be added. Do not forget the essential clinical controls: visit the clinical doctor to assess blood pressure and any other risk factor.It is important to remember that after menopause women can increase their risk of cardiovascular and digestive diseases.

Between the ages of 40 and 50, it is essential to stay active: physical activity must be adapted to each person’s body, but it is critical to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases and to improve overall health and the immune system. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins and minerals helps a lot.

From the age of 50, it is essential to study annually the status of the bone system and the risk of osteoporosis, which should be added to routine gynecological and clinical studies. One can not expect to do things with the same energy as at 20, but it is an age full of possibilities if one stays well. Even leaving the children’s home, once the “empty nest” crisis has been overcome, it can be experienced as an opportunity to realize dreams and pending projects, to revise and reorder priorities and make room for one.